Meet Abra

Welcome to my small slice of the internet! I fell in love with lolita fashion in high school but started wearing it in 2013. I was first introduced to the style from FRUiTS and brand advertisements in CURE (a visual kei magazine) back in high school. In one of those issues, Mary Magdalene had a full page ad for their brand. After I came home from school, I scoured the internet to find out what exactly Mary Magdalene was. Totally in the full swings of magpie mode, I saved nearly every stock photo from their webshop.

Brand was very difficult to obtain from overseas during that time – it was far less accessible than it is today. I didn’t have enough money to order from American indie brands like In the Starlight or Candy Violet as a high school student. Until 2013, the year I attended my first Katsucon, lolita hadn’t really crossed my mind (crazy, I know). The dealer’s room housed a dodgy merchant selling heavily marked up Bodyline items (which I didn’t know at the time). On impulse I bought a few dresses from him. Looking back now, I’m absolutely sure I looked horrendous. Even still, I remember feeling the purest joy from wearing my first coordinates. Shortly after this, I helped establish the previously inactive Rhode Island comm with my friends.

present day 

Since then, I moved on to collecting brand items and indie pieces. Currently, my wardrobe consists of mainly Angelic Pretty and Alice and the Pirates. My absolute favorite colorways are AP’s yellows, saxes, and greys and AATP’s beautiful jewel tones. I wear mostly sweet, but also have some gothic pieces in my wardrobe from Atelier Pierrot and Enchantic Echantilly.

Presently, I have lived in Boston since 2017 where I help moderate the local comm. I also lend a hand with our larger scale meets such as ILD, swaps, and convention appearances. Years ago I ran a blog on Blogspot called ninequartet, which I stopped writing in for a few personal reasons. I am in a way better place mentally now, so I am excited to start growing content on the blog and soon on the podcast!

upcoming content

Content creation is a big part of what helps our community grow. My main goal for Abracadabra-Pon is be be part of a network of lolitas that create projects specifically for a lolita audience. I consume a lot of lolita fashion content and this is my small way of giving back. My hope is to share my knowledge and musings of lolita fashion, showcase my podcast Lacemonsters, and to connect with other lolitas all over the world. In the navigation bar you’ll find topics I’ll focus on – my podcast, coords, adventures/events/meetups, reviews, miscellaneous/omake, and hauls that I spend my hard earned brando bucks on. Typically, new blog posts will be uploaded every Monday, Podcast show notes on Wednesdays, and LBC posts on Fridays.

what’s in a name? 

Sailor Pluto shows Chibiusa how to use Abracadabra-Pon in the Sailor Moon manga.

After deciding I wanted to start blogging again, I realized it would be better to create my own website where I own my content. I wrote out lists, polled my friends, and waffled on a name until I scrapped all those ideas and ultimately chose Abracadabra-Pon. I thought of my favorite character from the series Sailor Moon, Chibiusa. She is taught the phrase “Abracadabra Pon” from Sailor Pluto during a visit to the Space Door in a few iterations of the series. This phrase is used very much like a spell to create illusions of Chibiusa’s choosing. I thought the name was cute in a few different ways, aesthetically pleasing, and it definitely resonated with me as a Chibiusa fan! This name also reminded me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s song PONPONPON, who I am rediscovering again. My blog name also helped me decide on my new pen name, “Abra”. I am so very excited to begin blogging again, and to share my thoughts with you. Please look forward to my future posts and content!

Until next time,

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