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LBC : What Rules Do You Set for a Dress to Be a Dream Dress

What constitutes a dream piece is a very individual thing, which is why I was excited to see this prompt on Lolita Blog Carnival! I can get carried away at times when adding items to my wishlist, but I have more of a discerning eye when it comes to dream items. What sets dreams apart from the regular wishlist? Personally, a dream item has to first meet all of my wishlist criteria. Then it needs to fall into specific “dream” guidelines that are dependent on the item itself.

I am lucky that I have obtained most of my dream pieces over the years. A lot of this is because I was at the right place at the right time, and had the disposable income to throw down for it. I have a few more dream items, however I have been far overdue for a wishlist overhaul (and to be quite honest, a wardrobe refresh too) as my tastes have changed.

Apologies in advance if my voice sounds like that of a frilly Jeff Foxworthy (“It might be a dream piece if…)

my wishlist criteria

  • Which colorway? Typically I like red, yellow, mint green, sax blue, navy, grey, or black colorways the most. However this may change soon as I want to do a wishlist and wardrobe makeover!
  • What cut? I have a larger bust and hourglass figure, so ideally it should flatter my body type.
  • Motifs? My wardrobe currently consists of a few different motifs. The ones that instantly capture my heart are astronomic, cats, mermaids, silhouettes, storytelling, and royalty. However, I have a soft spot for non-print main pieces as well.
  • Versatility? Can I coordinate the item in multiple ways? Can it be styled both casually and formally? Does it have an accent color that will fit in my wardrobe? Do I have enough accessories currently to coordinate it?


This is fairly self-explanatory; I’ll put in the extra work for specific pieces. This would include scouring secondhand markets for the dream piece. If I’m funneling more resources (time, money) on one or a handful of items, they are probably my focus and dream dresses or accessories. I think of what I might do for finding something off my general wishlist and multiplying that by 10.


Rarity is a category I consider because depending on this, the item may only appear on the market once in a blue moon. An item that I think of as easy to obtain is not a dream dress for me personally. If it’s listed frequently or even every few months, the item may be more appropriate as a general wishlist item since it’s more widely available.

The piece could also be hard to find if it’s an older release. Depending on the year, there may not have been many produced or still in circulation amongst the international community, and in wearable condition.

Many non-print items could be considered more scarce than prints as they are not always popular at release. In my experience (and this is widely dependent on the series) non-print dresses are typically less likely to be resold on the secondhand market.

Limited, make-to-order, collaboration, location specific, or fashion show releases will be extremely rare due to smaller quantities produced than in a normal release. Depending on the rarity, some items are only resold every few years, sometimes even longer than that.


Price is another factor I think of for dream items. Although not totally necessary each time, it could impact my ability to purchase the item. Some items may show up on the secondhand market cheaper than what I’d consider paying, but more often than not if the item already meets all my guidelines, it will probably be more expensive than it was at release. I’m very serious about a piece if I’m creating a separate budget for it.

your friends know

It’s definitely a dream item if I can’t stop thinking about it and have waxed poetic to anyone who will listen. If my friends happen to know my dream cut and color of a certain dress, they’ll tell me when they’ve seen it for sale. Having a wishlist album on your blog, Facebook, or Pinterest is helpful to let your friends know what they should keep an eye out for. It’s also great to have a Facebook group or group message where you can help find each other’s dream items.

current wardrobe direction

For the piece to be considered a dream it must fall into and complement my existing wardrobe. Ideally it’s a “buy forever” piece. This means that even if my wardrobe evolves with changing tastes, the dream items remain constant. Once I buy these items, I don’t intend to resell unless I leave the fashion entirely. Some dream pieces, like my Twinkle Mermaid JSK, I never plan on selling even if I leave.

being content to dream

If it’s truly a dream item for me, I have to be content with never finding it. A dream is something you may yearn for and wish for. You may try your best to make it come true, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. You can do everything in your power and do the extra work to find it, but never come across that special item. This can be painful at times, especially if you can’t stop thinking about it!

One thing I take solace in is knowing there will always be a new release, there are always swap meets and leaving lolita sales, and you never know when something may turn up or you may find a new dream to chase after.


What about you, sweet reader? What rules do you have for your dream pieces? Do your rules and mine overlap or do you have different requirements than I do? Let me know in the comments or send me an email!

Until next time,


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