Start now and don’t wait.

Dress for yourself and no one else.

Hold your frills close to your soul.

Find your happiness and look after it carefully.


Step forward into a new day; it’s never too late to begin again.

You will persevere when times are difficult and the world is grey.

You are worth all the good and best things life has to offer you.


Indulge your heart’s desires and nourish your mind with knowledge.

Wrap yourself in beauty, because you are beautiful.

Wear your crown proudly – royalty has no age limit.

Don’t allow society’s hands to categorize you in a neatly assembled folder.


Be selfish.


Breathe in spite of those who wish the worst upon you.

Continue on in pursuit of your own joy.


Own your light and its glow around you.

Create beauty as you go.

You will change the world by being you.

Treat the world with kindness, but do not give your tender heart away freely.

Live your life for you and your dreams.

Find comfort in the fact you are not alone, with dreamers all over the world who share your heartbeat.

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