2020: My Plans for the Year

Hello everyone!

With the new year (and decade!) just beginning, I am inspired to write about the fashion-related plans I have for the rest of this year. I have 3 major events that I am attending, along with ideas for local meetups in Boston. Please read on after the jump to see what I have in store for myself!

Tekko / Pittsburgh, PA: April 1st – April 7th

As we are closing in on the first week of March, I am beginning to feel the countdown crunch to Tekko in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s an annual anime convention held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center right in the heart of downtown. I’ll be staying at this adorable AirBnB, which is a historical fixture of Pittsburgh. I’m excited to see the handcrafted furnishings and stay in such a unique space! It also has gorgeous natural lighting which will be great for pre-con coordinate shots <3

I will be in the city for the better part of a week. I am so looking forward to see what Pittsburgh has to offer as I’ve never been! I’m researching things to do, such as restaurants, movies, museums, and the Duquesne Incline. Tekko itself will be held on Thursday the 2nd through Sunday the 5th, which will be my first 4-day convention! So why did I decide on Tekko? In addition to visiting a new event and city, Tekko consistently has one of the best (if not the best) fashion programming blocks at an anime convention in the US. I am also excited to be in the same building as Mana and MIYAVI, both musicians I’ve loved since high school from my vk days!! I can’t wait to see the Moi meme Moitie fashion show, as well as the other designers exhibiting (and maybe a MIYAVI concert??). The Aurelian Accolade Tea party is also planned for April 5th, with an Olympic theme. I imagine I’ll wear more gothic coords in celebration of our dear Mana-sama, but we’ll see. MmM is not yet a fixture in my wardrobe, so perhaps this trip can change that!

I am volunteering for setup and breakdown for my friends at Black Knight Comics, who will be vending in the Dealer’s Room. I have been working for them for several years with my buddy Matt! Black Knight is a family run business out of Vermont which sells anime, manga, video game and board game merchandise. I hope you will look for their booth if you’re attending!

Anime Boston / Boston, MA: April 10th – April 12th

Anime Boston is held the following weekend in April, coming right off the heels of Tekko. I am once again helping out Black Knight, so please peruse their wares if you are so inclined!

This year, my friend Ashley with a few other friends in the Boston comm have worked so hard to create a more robust fashion block. In 2019, the fashion block was highly attended, engaging, and fun to be apart of as a spectator. I credit this due to the collective efforts of everyone involved! I am so very proud of the work that they have done for this year’s show. With any luck, if 2020’s block is even more successful than 2019’s, Anime Boston may consider hosting a fashion-specific guest(s!!) in the future!

I’m not sure of my coordinates yet for AB, or if I may wear a cosplay again, but stay tuned 😉

Paradiso / Kansas City, MO: May 13th – May 19th

I had an absolute BLAST last year visiting Kansas City for Paradiso. I fell in love with the Northwest, and KCMO is such a quaint yet lively city. Everyone is so friendly!

Like last year, I’ll be staying for about a week. Personally, I find that the extra time allows me to better explore the area and satisfy my other hobbies – antiquing, eating delicious food, and exploring a city I’m not familiar with. Also.. Arthur Bryant spicy BBQ sauce and french fries. I’ve been dreaming of it!

I have been subscribed to Paradiso’s Patreon since last fall, and I was incredibly lucky to win the lottery of a Golden Ticket. My experience with this ultra exclusive level of VIP during 2019’s gala was unforgettable. I am truly looking forward to what is in store for our group this year, and the rest of the events planned. The unique Ouji Pageant returns for another year, along with guests Triple Fortune (my heart!!) and Atelier Pierrot. My AirBnB is super close to to the Day One venue, Union Station. It is also centrally located right off the free Streetcar, which makes transportation a breeze.

This year’s theme is Symphonia – so far I haven’t thought of much to be ‘on theme’, but I have a few ideas floating around. In the coming weeks, I plan to brainstorm a few of my ideas on the blog. I plan to focus on solid main pieces, and accessorize my coordinates with ‘musical’ items.

Autumn Swap Meet / Somerville, MA: September 26th

After last month’s successful swap meet, I have decided to move forward with another swap meet at the same venue. I have plans to tweak a few of the logistics thanks to the feedback received from my attendees in January. One of my goals was to streamline the tagging process. In response, I created a tag file that is easy to read, share, and edit.

I have a few other improvements I’d like to make, which I will be collaborate with Arts at the Armory on. I also hope a few other folks will help through volunteering, especially if the event grows in size!


What events are you looking forward to this year?

Until next time,

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