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Hi everyone,

As a lot of us know, lolita fashion blogs have been on the decline in the past several years. They rose in popularity during the Livejournal era of the early to mid 2000’s, where our main social platform was literally a blogging service. Today, content networks such as Lolita Bloggers and Lolita Blog Carnival help stimulate creativity and growth in the written blog community, but even these have become less active with participants over the years. Active written blogs have become few and far between.

Today, lolitas are primarily focusing on visual blogs and internet presence through Instagram or Youtube. Tumblr is still used as a mix between written and visual blogging but also seems to be declining in popularity. It makes sense that the community would gradually shift as modern social media networks are now more suited towards media sharing. With the rise of smartphones and advanced tech, it’s now easier than ever to create your own media via photographs and videos.

In support of Black lolitas, I wanted to share a list of content creators with a focus on written and video blogs. The list of active lolita blogger content is already rather small as mentioned above, but the recorded experience of Black lolitas is an even smaller list. I’m a white American woman. I can never begin to fathom the systemic oppression and racism that Black people face in my country and around the world, but I can do my part in understanding and uplifting their voices and experiences.

I looked through the #blacklolita and #blackgirlsarekawaii tags on Instagram to find the following blogs, with some help from my friends, as well as my old archives from Blogspot. A few of these blogs are no longer active but I used to enjoy reading them when they were.

Please read after the jump for the list I have so far. I have included quotes from each blogger from their “About Me” sections so you can get an idea of their content in their own words. For vloggers I link to an introductory video, first video, or my personal favorite video of theirs where possible. Please read, watch, share and support!

If I missed your favorite creator please get in touch with me. You can leave a comment, contact me here, or email me directly at

Last Updated: 6/11/20

Written Blogs

A Fistful of Yen (Inactive)
“I have been actively wearing this fashion since October of 2012 and a follower, albeit not avidly, since 2000. My favorite substyles are classic and circus though I have been leaning to more macabre gothic lately; as substyles are always evolving so are my tastes. This blog is primarily to serve as a place to host reviews regarding lolita items and products with an occasional observation or rant about the fashion or finds.”

A·M·A·N·I (Inactive)
“Main reason behind the making of this blog is to just simply update on my life– nothing professional, nothing -too- personal. Outfit snaps, reviews, shopping hauls, my daily life, my faith, and whatever I may contemplate, along with any quotes, stories, etc. that I find relevant or an inspiration to myself. or to other people.”

Deerylou (Active)
“Hello there my deer thanks for wandering into Fawnville AKA my blog where I enjoy typing too much about Lolita pull up a chair and make yourself at home”

Dixmacabre Sewing Chronicle (Inactive)
“Hello, my name is Aria. Strange girl, strange things, strange world. Fashion Designer, Writer, Illustrator and more.”

Jadedisland (Active)
“Writing is a journey, and here you’ll find all the words that come from the perspectives of a kawaii black femme. Jade writes from the literary and emotional lens, explore life through digital expression while upholding a creative spirit. However as colorful bookworm she just loves storytelling.”

Magicalgirlme (Active)
“As a lolita fashionista, I express my passion through my blogshop, and YouTube channel. You may recognize me from Wunderwelt‘s article about recommended lolita fashion channels! I also co-run lolita fashion panels at PortCon and other local conventions. I am a huge fan of lolita fashion. I accidentally discovered the fashion years ago and I have been enchanted ever since! I love the overall cuteness of the fashion. It didn’t take long for me to adjust, and now I couldn’t live without this style.”

Marionette Cemetery (Inactive)
“I’m a Gothic Lolita who has a strong liking for Old School Lolita fashion. Currently, I’m busy collecting anything that has bat wings or in the shape of a coffin.”

Milkcircus (Inactive)
“Hello! My name is Tiffany! I’m an artist and animator, presently working in the video game industry. In my spare time, I love shopping and studying Japanese language, culture, and society. Writing had always been an interest of mine so I created this blog with the intent of combining my love of writing with my love of fashion in a way that could consistently keep me motivated to explore and commit.”

Rose Sanctuary (Rose Nocturnalia) (Active)
“As a longtime member of both the goth subculture and gothic lolita subculture, I try to bridge the gap between the two worlds. For the time being, this blog focuses mainly on my adventures in gothic lolita fashion. If you’re more interested in goth/rivethead culture, please check out my Youtube channel instead.”

Saxon-blues89 (Active)
“What’s up? I’m a lady in her 30s that loves Angelina Jolie, video games, writing, and anything involving food. I’m also a product junkie, and I love trying new things.”

Teacake Time Machine (Active)
“…Lolita fashion was the first to truly capture my heart in a big way. It’s been a huge part of my life and my wardrobe for a decade now, and while I’m no longer a lifestyler immersed in the community, it will always have a special place in my heart! …This is a personal blog where I record the goings on in my life, my thoughts on alternative fashion and subculture, plus everything in between.”

Video Blogs

Alien San
“Maquiagem Kawaii para pele negra/morena – Por Josy Reis” (Kawaii Makeup for Black / Brunette Skin – By Josy Reis)

Asami Moon
“A Day in the Life of a Lifestyle Lolita”

Callista (Magicalgirlme)
“Channel Update”

Dolly Momoiro
“Kawaii Make-Up Tutorial (For Dark skin)”

Meeting Jadedisland

“Lolita Tag | About Me | 12 Questions”

“Get to Know Me! | Q & A ♥”

29 Fun Facts About Moi 🙂

“Welcome to Nipponsuki TV”

Pearlie Cute
“being black and wearing lolita”

Rose Nocturnalia (Rose Sanctuary)
“5000 Subscriber Special Q&A!”

Sparkly Gutz
“The Lolita Tag | Sparkly Gutz”

Sweet Bunny Blushes
“Angelic Pretty Unboxing | EGL Fashion”

“100 Subscribers, 100 accessories, 100 facts about me!!!!!”

Instagram, Twitch, other video sharing platforms:
millie.cherie on IGTV

sweetlullabai on IGTV

Toastchaaan on Twitch

Additional Content to Follow and Support

Black Lolita Community (FB)*
Kawaii Black Youtubers (FB)*
**Please note: These communities are specifically for Black participants only and are safe spaces. Please do not burden them with a join request if you are not Black. I have shared them as resources for Black lolitas to reference if they are interested in creating their own content.**

Chronicles of a Black Lolita series, Saxon-blues89

J Fashion Black History Month series, Marinakei

It’s All About Black Lolita, Jadedisland

Noir 365, Jadedisland

Supporting Black and Kawaii Shops, Jadedisland

A Big List of Black-Owned Kawaii Brands, Buttcape

A Big List of Black-Owned Goth/Punk Brands, Buttcape

Black Girls in Lolita, November 2008 (lots of great old-school photos)


Until next time,

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